Your (sex) life doesn't have to suck ass! Unless you're into that!

What you need to step into that authentic, fully expressed version of yourself, is to tap into your source: Your pleasure.

Did I just say that you need to channel your pleasure to get the confidence, partner(s), and all of your dreams, to turn into reality?

You bet your sweet bippy I did!

“Claire’s perceptiveness and insight were miraculous! With their sensitive guidance, my partner and I were able to meet each other with fresh eyes. I felt so safely held and understood, like she really got me and we were working in partnership to progress.” - long term clients (couple)

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Book a free 30 min Clarity Call

Book a free 30 min Clarity Call

Hi! My name is Claire Middleton. Aka, The Orgasmic Life Coach!

What's more important than my name, is that you are aware I'm here on the internet in a lace teddy waving my bits around excitedly because I am deeply passionate about neurodivergent, women-identified, non-binary humans and people of all differing abilities stepping fully into their purpose, pleasure and passion.

Through pleasure, all becomes possible for you.

What is somatic sex education?

It is the study of eros, intimacy, connection, pleasure, consent, communication and yes - sex, through body-based teachings. It acknowledges that sovereignty is a fundamental human right, and that education focused on both safety AND pleasure are healthy, basic rights and resources for all.

Sexological Bodywork was founded by Joseph Kramer and was developed as a way to assist people in developing a loving relationship with their erotic ways of being.

The containers I offer draw from a number of practices within the scope of Somatic Sex Education & Sexological Bodywork that centre around a few guiding principles:

When you work with me you will slowly build trust in your nervous system and body, which builds your capacity for sensation.

Through an approach based on the Wheel of Consent model (by Dr. Betty Martin) to help you understand how to create agreements about and for touch. (Also known as asking for what you want.

You will move at the speed of trust as you learn to verbalize and mobilize what is alive in you, with confidence & integrity.

If my spicy, eccentric, smoked tofu eating, curry loving, drum-n-bass dancing, west coaster self can create a life I once fantasized about, then YOU can do it too!

Pleasure is an internal experience and not inherently sexual. Not given or received but experienced from within.

Beyond should or supposed to: what do you truly desire?

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